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First Group Of Cooperation Projects Onboard China Space Station Launched

Recently, China released the first 9 international collaboration projects for the country’s manned space station. The decision was jointly executed by the CMSA (China Manned Space Agency) and the UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs). The selected nine projects from 17 countries involve 23 entities in the fields of space life sciences, aerospace medicine, microgravity physics, biotechnology, astronomy, combustion science, and other emerging technologies. As per to Lin Xiqiang—Spokesperson of the CMSA—one of the selection standards is scientific significance. The choose projects should promote the development in related scientific fields and also aid applicant countries in strengthening research capacity and aerospace technology.

During a press conference, Lin said, “For example, the choose “Space Cancer” project would advance the understanding of the source of cancer and provide an innovative perspective for treatment and cancer prevention.” Apparently, China has always been involved with the space community across the globe. In March 2016, UNOOSA and the CMSA inked an MoU (memorandum of understanding) to invite UN member states to carry scientific experiments onboard the China space station. Almost 42 cooperation proposals from 27 countries in May 2018 have been received following the two agencies sent out the invitation.

Recently, the UNOOSA was in news for joining hands with the ESA (European Space Agency) to address the space debris challenge. The two organizations approved to function together to augment the global understanding and consolidation of knowledge about space debris; to broadcast information on the new research on space debris; to back the implementation of current space debris improvement guidelines, and to boost global awareness and international cooperation on space debris mitigation. The United Nations COPUOS (Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space)—of which UNOOSA is Secretariat—has given attention to the problem of minimizing and preventing the creation of space debris.

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