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NASA Picks Missions To Study Sun And Its Effects On Space Weather

Recently, NASA picked two new missions to explore the sun and its dynamic impacts on the space weather. One operation would research the sun’s mechanism of sending energy and particles to the solar system, whilst second would study the Earth’s reaction to it. The sun repeatedly emits particles and plasma into the space called the solar wind. It forms radiation in space known as space weather. After such particles cooperate with earth’s magnetic field close to the earth, the solar wind could cause profound effects on human interests, like radio communications, astronauts’ safety, GPS signals, and utility networks on the ground. Understanding what impels space weather and its interface with the lunar systems and Earth might aid scientists to mitigate its impacts, counting safeguarding astronauts and technology important to NASA‘s Artemis program.

The launch date for the two operations is “not before August 2022,” NASA reported in a statement. Thomas Zurbuchen—Associate Administrator for the SMD (Science Mission Directorate) at NASA—said, “We carefully picked these two operations not only due to the high-class science they can perform in their own right, but as they would function well mutually with the other heliophysics spaceship advancing NASA’s operation to protect space technology, astronauts, and life on Earth. These operations will perform big science experiments, but they are also special as they come in small packages, which show that we can release them together and do more research in the cost of a single launch.”

On a similar note, recently, NASA’s Mars rover had a busy weekend. After identifying the greatest levels of methane seen on Mars in the past weekend, NASA stopped the rover’s other science operations to follow up on the finding. In recent time, the data from Curiosity’s succeeding experiment screened back to NASA and the surge in methane levels had disappeared, declining to background levels.

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