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Maxar Technologies Beings To Work On Ovzon 3 Satellite

Allegedly, Maxar Technologies has started manufacturing on a Legion-set geostationary satellite for Ovzon, which is a company situated in the U.S. and Sweden committed to fulfilling the demand for surged mobile broadband connectivity in underprivileged regions. Ovzon picked Maxar in December 2018 to construct its first satellite—Ovzon 3—which will provide exceptionally versatile mobile broadband networks for aircraft, small vehicles, and users succeeding. Since Ovzon has gained financing to construct the satellite, Maxar will initiate start constructing it in its Palo Alto, California production facility. The satellite will be rooted in the mid-size Legion-class platform—earlier called the SSL-500—and is anticipated to be lift-off by SpaceX in 2021.

Megan Fitzgerald—Maxar’s Senior VP and GM of Space Solutions—stated, “The space technology company’s Legion-set platform presents the benefits of the firm’s proven technology and feat from the 1300-class satellite bus with a smaller form and lower cost factor. We are delighted to associate closely with Ovzon on the growth of the first satellite in their framework, which will carry superior communications from space for a better world on Earth.” Magnus René—CEO of Ovzon—said, “We select Maxar to construct Ovzon 3 since they have a strong status of delivering reliable and world-class products supported by leading industry customer service and production agility.”

On a similar note, recently, Maxar Technologies was in news for expanding contract with Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) for high-quality satellite imagery mosaics. Maxar Technologies in recent times revealed that it signed a 3-year deal to continue supplying its Metro and Vivid satellite imaging mosaics to ArcGIS’ Living Atlas of the World by Esri. This latest deal is built upon Maxar and Esri’s enduring partnership and shows Esri’s devotion to supplying ArcGIS users with the high-quality satellite imaging foundation available.

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