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German Government Backs Mandatory Vaccinations For All School Children

German government showed their strong mind for the citizens regarding vaccination for measles and they are going to pass a bill for the same in the parliament.

According to the bill, each of the kids who will be taken to the kindergarten is to be provided the vaccination of measles. Hence, during the admission of the kids in the Kindergarten, the documents of the vaccination will have to be provided by the parents. If the bill is passed in the parliament, then the parents, whose kids will not be found vaccinated, would be fined for their carelessness and the fine can go up to 2500 euro, which is really big.

The health minister and the welfare minister in a conference stated that the government wants a Germany without any measles and for that, they are taking a massive and aggressive step towards the same. The report of the WHO on the same has been erected by most of the analysts, as a matter that influenced this decision of the government. According to the reports, 97% of the kids have been provided the first dose of the vaccine, but in the second round, the percentage came down to 93% and that triggered the government to show such strictness in the thing.

As a matter of fact, WHO states that 95% vaccination is the thing that is needed for the immunity and since the percentage has fallen short of that, the government has planned to put up an act and treat the kids of the nations, so that the disease attack can be totally eradicated from the nation. There are many words regarding the strict attitude of the government, but strictness like these, which are meant for the health of the nation, must be welcomed with great heart, according to the analysts.

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