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Link Between Diabetes And Heart Failure Stronger In Women Than Men

There is a link between diabetes and the heart attack – this was known to the medical scientists for long. The increased content of glucose in blood freezes and solidifies the blood corpuscles and that eventually attacks the heart.

This is mostly seen in the case of type 2 diabetes and it is an alarming issue that the global diabetes rate has increased to 422 million as of present scenario which has increased to 4 times since the last decade report. Now, the thing to be worried about is regarding the issues in US diabetes count. It has been seen that near to 30 millions of US citizens, which is one out of 10 is having diabetes. Out of this 30 million, near to 95% are having type 2 diabetes and this diabetes is vulnerable for a heart attack too.

Now according to the latest report on the research made, the women with this type of diabetes are more vulnerable to have a heart attack than that of a man with the same disease. The latest reports that are based on some of the researches refer this to be the status and hence has reported that the women with diabetes 2 must be more careful than men as the vulnerability of experiencing a heart attack in the case of women is much more.

A proper lifestyle on the same account can be highly beneficial for the women at this stage and that is the thing they need to remain in the safe seats. This is the thing and the outcome that the research has a foundation and that has been analyzed more now with the concept and with an aim to find out the reason for the same. At present, the results are based on the reports and the sample data.

Maria Healey
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