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Study Concludes Vaccinations Do Not Enhance Multiple Sclerosis Risk

A recent study has established that higher the rates of vaccinations lesser are the chances of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). The findings were based on a study of a large dataset including 200,000 individuals for the period 2005–2017.

The dataset included records of the individuals’ vaccination data and medical issues diagnosed and also held information on 12,262 individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Varied statistical means were used for determining possible linkages between vaccinations and MS in 5 years prior to detection of the disease. The findings concluded that vaccination did not enhance the risk of MS. The findings were printed in a ‘Neurology’ paper recently.

MS is a disease that affects the central nervous system and lasts for a long duration. It is supposed to be an autoimmune ailment affecting millions of people worldwide.

The study authors began with the hypothesis of vaccination enhancing MS risk and analyzed lot of information for the purposes of testing their hypothesis. Their analysis involved comparison of varied cohort groups; MS affected individuals with the non-affected ones, MS affected individuals with individuals affected with psoriasis and Crohn’s, which were the other two autoimmune ailments.

The findings indicated that individuals affected with MS had lesser vaccinations in a period of 5 years prior to detection compared to those who were not affected by the ailment. The chances of a MS diagnosis were reduced in participants who had any of the investigated vaccinations recorded in their data sheet.

Researchers attributed a couple of reasons for this linkage. One was the fact of few individuals noticing some symptoms of the disease in them and hence not wanting to burden their immune system with vaccination. The other was the fact of vaccinations indeed averting the immune system from attacking the central nervous system in some way. More studies were needed to examine the linkage, the study authors said.

The study effectively summarized that in no way did vaccinations enhance the risk of multiple sclerosis.

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