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NASA Confirms ISS Set For Business With Short Trips For Space Fans

Last week, NASA revealed its designed plans for transforming the International Space Station (ISS) into a hub for promoting commercial projects in low Earth orbit. The agency has decided from so long to form the ISS a core anchor point for encouraging private firms to engage in space projects.

Stephanie Schierholz—a lead spokesperson of NASA—stated at an event that the ISS is not only restricted to space research but also allows business opportunities for private companies. Twenty firms united with NASA during an event to commence this fresh commercial ability and consider the plan and opportunities related to it.

NASA clearly defined the plan, which is divided into five parts. The whole plan involves the creation of the International Space Station Commercial Use Policy, the arrangement of space travel facilities for private astronauts by as early as from the beginning of 2020. The agency is also looking to simulate the production of space necessities for long-term commercial projects.

According to NASA, 50 private firms and agencies are conducting several experiments on the ISS, but this statement is regarding establishing a framework that could better assign and escalate that opportunity over time.

On a similar note, the US administration considers that NASA should not discuss traveling to the Moon, which generated complexity since US President Donald Trump aims to reinstate the Moon landing mission by 2024.

Last week, Trump targeted NASA in his tweet. He mentioned that NASA should focus on major projects such as MARS landing, Science, and Defense-related projects.

In the month of April, Vice President Mike Pence revealed plans to extend the project Moon landing project by 2024. Some experts are still in doubt if the time bound is enough for the accomplishment of the project.

With the latest tweet, it seems that Trump wants the space agency to focus more on the US defense and military aspects, such as the nation’s space force creation.

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